Kingray Edge UHF/VHF F-Type Masthead 25db Amp MHW25FE

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Kingray 25db UHF/VHF Economy 'F' Type Masthead Amp With LTE/4G Filtering

Protecting your television from LTE mobile broadband interference

Australia and New Zealand are about to embark on a communications revolution, which will include possibly the biggest changes to the reception of television services ever.With the switch off of analogue television transmissions completed by late 2013, a substantial part of the existing television spectrum will be reallocated and auctioned off by the government, generating what is now universally referred to as the “digital dividend”. To facilitate this, some existing digital channels will need to be reallocated or moved to a different part of the spectrum, this is commonly known as restacking. Once this has occurred, the freed up spectrum from the “digital dividend” will be reassigned for other digital services. The most likely use for this spectrum is for high speed mobile broadband applications using 4G or LTE(Long Term Evolution) technology. Using this “digital dividend” for emerging technology is going to provide substantial benefits for the general public. However it will not be without its challenges for the television reception industry, it is most likely many television installations will experience significant interference to their digital television reception.


  • The NEW Kingray Edge series of masthead amplifiers hasbeen engineered to provide a future proof solution with switchable LTE/4G filtering to maximise interference rejection.
  • The Edge series features links allowing the amplifier to be configured to best suit the installation now and in the future.
  • The range includes both wideband and UHF only models used to amplify the whole UHF band or alternatively by re-positioning the links, all services above 694 MHz are filtered, blocking future LTE transmissions.
  • In addition to LTE filtering some wideband models in the Edge series include user selectable low band filtering to eliminate all services below 174 MHz.
  • The Edge series is designed to meet the needs of the television reception industry now and into the future.


 Model Inputs Termination Shielded Band Max.
Band 1
VHF filter
MHW25GE 1 S&S   VHF/UHF 25 1    
MHW25F 2 F   VHF/UHF 25 2
MHW25FS 2 F VHF/UHF 25 2
MHW25FE 1 F   VHF/UHF 25 1  
MHW25FSE 1 F VHF/UHF 25 1  
MHW35G 2 S&S   VHF/UHF 35 2
MHW35F 2 F   VHF/UHF 35 2
MHW35FS 2 F VHF/UHF 35 2
MHW43FS 2 F VHF/UHF 43 2
MHU25GE 2 S&S   UHF 25 1      
MHU25F 2 F   UHF 25 1      
MHU25FS 2 F UHF 25 1      
MHU35G 2 S&S   UHF 35 1      
MHU35F 2 F   UHF 35 1      
MHU35FS 2 F UHF 35 1      
MHU43FS 2 F UHF 43 1      

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Brand Kingray
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Warranty 1 Year Warranty


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